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Apple iPhone vs. Cect HiPhone

This is a video comparison of the Apple iPhone and the Cect HiPhone. This is the closest clone to the iPhone you can get!

Duration : 0:5:12

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25 Responses

  1. FRAKARA2006 Says:

    Iphone rules
    Iphone rules

  2. mjaj84 Says:

    whats the song …
    whats the song called

  3. sverigebot Says:

    i think i gonna buy …
    i think i gonna buy a new HiPhone
    becouse if you frop the iphone in the floor the screen is destroyed(sorry for bad eng)
    and ive tested Hiphone and i dropped it on the floor and nothing happend :D

  4. MaxMax329 Says:

    iphone tudle …
    iphone tudle napodobeninu přece nemužete srevnat

  5. pbutt77 Says:

    java games!
    java games!

  6. sami1149 Says:

    what a …

    what a piece of shit!

  7. hotpinkmakeupgrl Says:

    you can’t get …
    you can’t get Itunes apps

  8. JokersFollower Says:

    can you get apps on …
    can you get apps on the cect

  9. HaYLeYWiLLiAMS7781 Says:

    I think people are …
    I think people are missunderstanding when someone calls this stuff ’some cheap chinese stuff’. Maybe the iphone was put together in china, but the company that created it/has rights to it isn’t. cect is though.

  10. RapeMusic Says:

    the most expensive …
    the most expensive ones you can add apps via the computer I think.

  11. mastermark2005 Says:

    lol you people make …
    lol you people make me laught its just a iphone wanna be cheap trash if you cant afford the real thing go cry to momma

  12. miletie Says:

    i like to know if …
    i like to know if CECT if great phone tell me where to find applications software etc cause i am in doubt for buying this phone, i heard that you cannot add applications, you got only what is in it and here ends everything, is it true?

  13. browjonb Says:

    bought one of these …
    bought one of these on eBay for $70….piece of junk! Constantly dropped calls and sometimes would make a high pitched shrieking noise during the few calls that woud stay connected. Bottom line….save your money and buy a REAL iPhone, I learned my lesson the hard way.

  14. ofcaa12 Says:

    but can you get …
    but can you get games and extras on
    k599? if yes- how???? thanks:)

  15. mafiafattony Says:

    i personally thing …
    i personally thing cect phone is better cause its like same thing exactly and cheaper phones werent made for apps they were made for calls and txt thats why psps exist

  16. mafiafattony Says:

    yes you can they pwn
    yes you can they pwn

  17. maryyse123 Says:

    I had that china …
    I had that china wasn’t even a phone it was like a computer had the window xD and when showed it to my friends they in ther pants xO i sent the back got all my money Back and got the real xD

  18. ofcaa12 Says:

    agree with …
    agree with kileydabrack

    and question:
    can you get any apps or any extras for this mobile?l have k599 hiphone.thanks

  19. LilCBP Says:

    @kileydadbrack yes, …
    @kileydadbrack yes,
    u talking about money too,
    i can buy 2 hiphones for 1 Iphone,

  20. emsalem86 Says:

    few better features …
    few better features?

    mate ive owned both the iphone and cect clone let me tell you about the features.

    iPhone has a better processor and 3d acceleration, better operating system, heaps of apps, responsive touchscreen, wifi…

    lets assume it is made in china (idk) so what? your comparing a product from a worldwide company with a huge reputation and tight quality control measures to a product produced with efficiency and price in mind.

    the clone isnt bad, but you get what you pay for…

  21. kileydadbrack Says:

    srbin945246, you …
    srbin945246, you are one ignorant fuck!! If you had any sense at all, you will realize that the iphone IS “some china shit”! The only difference is the Apple name stamped on the back and a FEW better features. So remind me now, who is the dumb one?

  22. unowild Says:

    @srbin945246 Even …
    @srbin945246 Even the iPhone is MADE IN CHINA, Duh.

  23. jamesmx7 Says:


  24. srbin945246 Says:

    i can agree with …
    i can agree with that,but,no one can copy the one and only iPhone..just look the video,and why Cect HiPhone cost less?

  25. Fillingen90 Says:

    Guys wich phone is …
    Guys wich phone is better, a Hiphone or samsung s5230? i have a samsung s5230 but i want a new phone hehe

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