Mar 23

Iam interested in getting the new 3g apple iphone on july 11th. I will be a new at&t customer and I’am wondering how much per month I will have to pay for just the minium amount of minutes, which I believe is 450 minutes for $39.99, and the data plan for the iphone to work. Any info will be helpful. Thanks!

I read that AT&T is no longer going to treat the iPhone as if it were special. Thus, no more special plans.

If the plan you want is $39.99, then you also have to add-on the data plan. AT&T’s data plan for the iPhone is the data plan for all PDAs/smartphones, which is $30.00 per month. If you want texting, you will have to get that package as well. Two-hundred text messages are $5.00 a month, 1,500 text messages are $15.00 a month, and unlimited text messages are $20.00 a month.

Your subtotal will probably come out to be $74.99-$89.99 a month. You have to add-on taxes and other stuff that may be charged monthly to you (probably about $10.00-$15.00 a month). Your total for the month can be around $84.99-$104.99.

You also have to remember that you will pay an activation fee, a security deposit if you have bad or no credit, and a reconnection fee if you fail to pay your bill and your service is disrupted.

In all, I wish you luck!

Mar 23

This is a video comparison of the Apple iPhone and the Cect HiPhone. This is the closest clone to the iPhone you can get!

Duration : 0:5:12

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Mar 21

Well im gonna buy a new phone and i cant decide which one i want. I hav at&t and i cant decide between the LG VU and the Apple iPhone. I think i might go with the iPhone but i cant tell the difference between the 2 phones. can anyone help me? if not then tell me which one i should pick and please give me details as 2 y because i neeed to know in order to make up my mind

The iPhone focuses more on being that "smart phone" with a lot more navigation options. Plus it’s an additional 35.00 data fee on top of your bill already. Usually making each bill about 70 or 80 dollars. It is a great phone, though. Don’t get me wrong. Just very, very expensive. The LG Vu is not considered a "smart phone", therefore, it focuses more on the everday person’s needs, so it doesn’t come loaded with GPS or an appointment book. It is very light in weight and is the first phone to be launched with the AT&T TV which you must pay $15.00 for or add internet for $30.00 more. It’s a pretty cool phone. If you’re looking for a phone not business wise, but for looks and pure entertaiment and sleekness for you, go with the LG Vu. But, if you’re looking for a phone designed for business purposes (a lot more expensive), go with the iPhone.
Both are great, just very different in prices.

Mar 20

Google’s “superphone” challenges the king of the Prizefight ring for smartphone supremacy. Will the Nexus One have what it takes to dethrone the iPhone 3GS? Let’s get it on!

Duration : 0:5:3

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Mar 19

I’m thinking of buying the apple iphone, but i’m just wondering how much it is going to cost?

According to the website, the iphone starts at around $99. Here is the link to it’s purchase page:

On Ebay, the apple iphones start at $71 dollars. (

I checked out Bestbuy and Future Shop. Their prices match the’s price of $99. Keep searching around websites or local cellphone dealers. Good luck, that’s one sweet phone!

Mar 17

Is there any difference between a apple iphone and a 3G one? Which one is better? And what’s so good about iPhone?

Let me just say that i love this question.

take it from a true cell phone consumer that the iPhone is a simple and useful device. if you get one you will literally think how you lived your life without it. enough said. if you don’t believe me then go to an Apple store to try it out.

here are some main aspects that set the 2 iPhones apart

-the iPhone 3g is curved in on back and has a plastic back that comes in black or white rather than a silver metal one like the previous one (the metal back is better)
-the iPhone comes in the 8GB (black) and 16GB (black or white) versions
-the iPhone mainly uses both the 3g and edge networks while the old iPhone mainly uses only the edge network. using the 3g network is faster but takes up more battery
-the iPhone 3g is significantly cheaper that the old iPhone when it came out if you are eligible for an upgrade for AT&T
-lots more but im losing my patients :)

simply put, get the iPhone 3g if you are always on the web (like me)

Mar 17

USA TODAY’s Edward C. Baig reviews the new 3G iPhone on the “Talking Tech,” web video show. Baig gives the new iPhone 3.75 stars.

Duration : 0:5:3

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Mar 15

I’m planning to buy Apple iPhone 8 GB which is launching soon in India. Can any one tell me what will be the price of it in Mumbai.And also let me know is it a good phone or not anyone have used it please share your experience.
Also give price of 16GB.

today i heard that it may be around 9000

Mar 14

Semiconductor Insights presents a teardown of Apple’s new iPhone.

Duration : 0:5:0

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Mar 13

I understand that you have to send the iphone only to an Apple service center for replacing the battery. That could be a huge problem if the iphone is going to act as a cell phone .
Can anyone confirm this?

Apple has already announced a battery replacement plan…. they will even ‘rent’ you a loner!

You’ll have to send it in and they’ll send it back to you!

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