Mar 23

I bought an Iphone from someone and when i press the circular button at the bottom, even when i have my simcard in, it asks me to connect my iphone to iTunes. I dont have internet on my phone plan and i want to keep my phone plan the same price. How can i unlock the Iphone without activating it or connecting it to iTunes?

if you are using iphone 3g, you can unlock with a universal-sim card:

its pretty easy to operate. you just slip your universal sim card with your original sim card into your sim slot.

Mar 23

I have bought all three generations of iPhones on launch day, but I cannot take it any longer.

In the end, it was rejection of Google Voice from the App Store that drove me to this point, but that was just the tip of the spear. Whether it is their refusal to let other gadgets such as the Palm Pre interface with iTunes, or their Draconian App Store procedures…I simply cannot support them with a clear conscience, which is why I chose to end the life of my iPhone in this manner instead of selling it–after all, who would want to pass on a cancer to another person?

Apple may have fooled the world with their witty commercials and bright t-shirts, but they will no longer fool me. Their approach has helped them gain a sizable chunk of the PC market, but as their popularity grows, people will begin to see them for what they really are–a corporation far more “evil” than Microsoft would ever dream to be.

Apple is turning consumerism into communism. Any entity that enforces such anti-competitive practices and dictates what their paying population can and cannot have without any explanation, consistency, or reason is communistic. It’s wrong and I will no longer support it.

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Shot with Beretta 9mm
Burned with Fire
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Mar 21

I just got an iphone 3g and I got so excited that i filled it with loads of applications and songs (about $30 worth). The other day when i plugged my iphone into the computer on itunes it said to reset the iphone to factory settings. I dont want to loose all my apps so what can i do? PLEASE REPLY A.S.A.P.

hey there

ok so heres what you do when you got to itunes and unplug ur iphone all the apps should be saved into the applications tab in itunes, so dont worry, just restore it to factory setting thn sync it with your computer and all your apps will come back . if you hae an questions or concerns, message me at

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Mar 20

Tom uses his new iPhone3G to stay organized. Watch what happens when he tries to blend his old iPhone.

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Mar 19

I just bought an iphone but I had created an account for a different ipod.(an ipod, not iphone) It won’t let me put any music or anything on this new iphone because all of it is linked to the other ipod. What can i do to totally get rid of anything having to do with the old ipod and make it so that my iphone is the only thing itunes connects with?

usually iTunes accept multiple connections for ipods and iphones with no problem, I have 2 ipods, iphone 2G and iphone 3G all sync with the same pc using the same itunes with no problem,
and on one account as well, download the new itune may be this will solve your issue.
don’t delete your account you can still use it

Mar 17

Hey people, i might be getting a locked iphone from my friend soon, and i was wondering what the current status of the unlock is. Some websites i read that there are programs and other methods that are already out that will unlock the iphone. Other places, i hear that there is no current method of unlocking the iphone 3g. Can you please clarify this for me(directed more towards the people who have an iphone)


Visit to purchase a legally unlocked version (i.e. a version that has NEVER been locked).
My brother purchased my Xmas gift from them, check out this link for their customer reviews:

This link is also very useful for explaining the difference between a software unlocked iPhone 3G and a factory (legally) unlocked iPhone 3G:

Mar 17

In this video, I discuss iPhone Applications and their usefulness. Apps can be obtained from

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Mar 15


I have the iPhone 2G (1st Generation) and I wan to sell it tomorrow. I will be travelling to Canada soon and will ge the new iPhone 3G later on.

How can I save my contact list from the iPhone to my computer, and then copy that information to another computer since I’m not taking this computer with me?

I am using Windows OS.

Best regards,
Woody :.

you can try :
Cucusoft iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer


Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer

Mar 14

Read more at:

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Mar 13

I have a wireless network set-up at home that both my laptop and iphone are successfully using.
Currently, my laptop only recognizes my iphone when connected by USB cable (in itunes).
How do I have my iphone recognized on my computer via wifi?

Youll have to purchase a program called "MobileMe" which will automatically sync your phone to your pc whenever your around it (around $120)

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