Mar 23

ok so i want an iPOD touch for my birthday, and i was wondering if you use the internet on it, can you like go onto anywebsite, liek yahoo, and watch the videos on yahoo. also can you use websites liek Meebo for aim, and msn messenger? and can you play games on it liek on

You need an wi-fi connection to do all that. But yeah, it works on the Touch.

Mar 23

We took apart the iPod touch 3rd Gen and found a space for a camera and 802.11n! Visit to view the disassembly in greater detail!

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Mar 21

what all features does the iPod touch have?

im thinking about getting one…is it worth it?
does it cost to get on the internet…and if so how much?

Ok if your not worried about money i recomend it.
Well if u just want to listen to music get a nano or classic
Here are the Features
Radio [online ones. Flytunes]
Texting [Beejive] ITS FREE =D
Not to mention if u jailbreak it [hacking to get more out of ipod]
You can get more apps games all of that but its hacking and u void the return thing xD but its worth it
Over all its like a IPhone without Camera Phone and monthly payments You should get it ^_^

Mar 20

Made on my MacBook – September 2007.

Music – CSS – Music is My Hot Hot Sex.

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Mar 19

hey guys im thinking about buying the iPOD touch.
Can u guys give me some personal reviews on it?
ill give u best answer

Of course! The iPod touch is by far the most entertaining and functional iPod Apple has ever made. If you have a Wifi network in your home, you can check your email, browse the internet (with a great internet browser called Safari,) buy songs and download podcasts from iTunes (right from your iPod touch,) and download free or paid apps from the App Store. It is really amazing. Movies and TV shows look amazing on the 3.5" screen as well as photos. Everything about it is just amazing and I think of it as a watered-down computer rather than an iPod! I would suggest you buy the iPod touch rather then any other iPod because it just never gets boring or old with it. I love it so much and I hope you buy it so you can experience the amazing technology too! If you have any other questions, please message me!

Mar 17

Has anybody seen the ipod touch or know when it comes out??? I want to get one sooo bad….

I’m not really sure why people think that it already came out! It says on the apple website ( that you can pre-order it, and it will be sent to you by 28th, september.

an 8GB : $299
a 16GB : $399

If you look on the apple website, you can see pictures of it in the gallery. It basically looks like an iPhone, but without all of the features (for example, it does not make calls, sens SMS messages or take pictures).

Mar 17

Remember when I won a PSP out of Stacker? I won an iPod Touch out of the same machine! I didn’t think I was going to win, or else I would have recorded the gameplay too. Oh well, next time…

Want tips on how to win Stacker for yourself? Watch this video of mine:

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Mar 15 i have 130 bucks and i want to get the 8gb ipod touch.
Do anyone know any places where i can get it ..actual stores not ebay, amazon, etc. close to 200 or less?

Wow, I cant believe you have a 8gb ipod touch lol. I bought mine for 400.00$ but its 16 gb. I think if you get a ipod touch from a actual store it would be better, because Ipods are none to break easily and just stop working. If you get it from the store then you can also get a warranty and return it if anything bad happens to it. I actually think that is a really good price for a 8gb for only 130.00.


Mar 14

Please Subscribe. (READ) We will be using a free app from the iTunes App Store called Fring. This allows us to make VOIP phone calls.

Version 2 is now up! Quicker, Easier, and Simpler.×8jqX-U0_0

Here is how to do it:
1) Download Fring from the iTunes App Store.
2) Sync it to your device.
3) Go to, then click on the download tab. Then click “Download voip stunt.”
4) Wait for it to download and then click on the setup voipstunt desktop icon.
5) Download the program
6) Click on the new Voip Stunt desktop icon, click new user, and fill out all of the required information.
7) Go to the fring app on your device.
8) Click add ons
9) Click SIP from the list
10) Now click on the Voip Stunt button
11) Enter the log on info in. (You use the same info you used when you installed Voip Stunt on your computer
12) Log in (If successful, you should have a check mark near the SIP icon.)
13)Hit dialer
14) Now enter a phone number. Be sure if you live in the US, you include 1 and then the area code before the actual #.

**This only works if you have a iPhone or 2G iPod Touch**

Also, I would recommend buying Skype Out. It allows you to use the Skype VoIP service for either 2.95/month or you can get $10 credits. (Which should be around 500 min.) The Voip Stunt is one of the several Voip providers you can use. You can make more accounts when the app starts failing.

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Mar 13

I have an ipod touch and i am wanting to be able to unlock it to where i can add applications to the main screen and dont know how to go about doing this…can someone please help me and give me step by step instructions on how to do this…10 points for best anwser…thanks

if u have firmware 1.1.4 then try this:

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