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First Look: Apple iPad

Brian Tong gets his hands on the Apple iPad and finds a feature Apple didn’t show at the keynote.

Duration : 0:2:38

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25 Responses

  1. offers4u Says:


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  2. skoolboishane Says:

    i want one
    i want one

  3. FreeIpadGetYoursNow Says:

    $499! for this! no …
    $499! for this! no way coz i got mine absolutely FREE. check out my channel and learn how?

  4. MrRepzion Says:

    The only people who …
    The only people who actually like this are stupid Apple whores who buy every stupid thing Apple comes out with. And next, I’m not wasting my cash on something that lacks flash. That means, no Youtube no websites with videos not nothing!! Steve Jobs has made a fatal mistake..

  5. ArringtonDouglas Says:

    i bet most people …
    i bet most people will not use this for reading books

  6. kakashiirulez Says:

    cool they made a …
    cool they made a big ipod for king kong XD

  7. Jams0420 Says:

    @johnmonk66 There …
    @johnmonk66 There is a thing called hibernate, if you use that then it takes a second or two to start up your computer and be using it. And other then starting up fast what is the big advantage of the iPad?

  8. ogairjordanian315 Says:

    can i update my …
    can i update my ipod with this ipad???? i dont see a usb port so im assuming no, nobody seems to know…if you cant do something as simple as this, this device is pointless.

  9. johnmonk66 Says:

    @Jams0420 instant …
    @Jams0420 instant on, no five minute boot time to turn on and shut off, instant on and off, that is the best thing about ipod touches and the future ipad

  10. johnmonk66 Says:

    @PsBoxProductions …
    @PsBoxProductions liar

  11. johnmonk66 Says:

    @theburningfreak …
    @theburningfreak no you are not

  12. johnmonk66 Says:

    @lyricallysikh1 I …
    @lyricallysikh1 I am getting an ipad, but not to replace my kindle, I would not read books on the ipad, any screen that gives off light will hurt your retinas after a while

  13. johnmonk66 Says:

    @seizetheminute no …
    @seizetheminute no you did not get an ipad liar

  14. johnmonk66 Says:

    @dimebolt9632 …
    @dimebolt9632 iphones do not sell for 199, they sell for 599, your cell phones company pays the rest when you sign a contract

  15. 2kstyles Says:

    @castermedia heyy.. …
    @castermedia heyy.. i would like a free one?? how?

  16. spiritslain Says:



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  17. lyricallysikh1 Says:

    Man I want one, …
    Man I want one, that is so cool!
    The only thing that concerns me is if I can read an ebook for hours without hurting my eyes?
    That’s my only concern but besides that I’m all game. Love the ipad

  18. castermedia Says:

    its stupid but im …
    its stupid but im geting it for free if u want one free message me

  19. techdecknoob100 Says:

    @chippymaggs216 …
    @chippymaggs216 your soo lucky!!! im getting ipod touch 3g i 3-4 weeks!

  20. dimebolt9632 Says:

    No camera, No usb …
    No camera, No usb this is a fail. Im an apple fan boy and I have Iphone 3gs and a brand new Macbook pro and this is shit. 500.00 bullshit. Iphone 3gs has more or Iphone in general has it all starting at 199.99 man I can;t believe people are ordering these things!

  21. MrPrivateMusic Says:

    fuck this hench …
    this hench phone???

  22. seizetheminute Says:

    welll i got an ipad …
    welll i got an ipad today. so….WHY DA DO THYE MAKE SOOOOOOO EXPENIVE

  23. Spore0011 Says:

    @Xxmusic4lifexXc …
    @Xxmusic4lifexXc the size and it has speakers..

  24. InfernoProj Says:

    So it’s a big iPod …
    So it’s a big iPod touch

    big fuckin’ deal

  25. vegassteven Says:

    i 100% guarantee …
    i 100% guarantee this will SUCK for books… eye strain, headaches, and crappy experience.

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