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iPhone Magic

High-Tech Magician Marco Tempest got himself an iPhone and it can do magic things. More about Marco Tempest’s magic: http://www.marcotempest.com

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Duration : 0:1:12

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25 Responses

  1. teddyboo15 Says:

    Holy shit! How da …
    Holy shit! How da u did that?

  2. deeprose4 Says:

    I so want the Xray …
    I so want the Xray app!!

  3. TheFunnyMaiq Says:

    very good’
    very good’

  4. angelcel1 Says:

    i like the coin …
    i like the coin magic thing! and the x-ray! its so cool! i wish the iphone would be my birthday present on tuesday jan 19 because its my birthday

  5. eleceagle Says:

    nice iphone where …
    nice iphone where did you get that i soooo want one

  6. MacApple11e Says:

    i remember when …
    i remember when this video first came out in 2007

  7. KyleIsYourFriend Says:

    I’d be taking money …
    I’d be taking money out of it ALLLLL the time.

  8. Dejpongha Says:

    So cool

    So cool


  9. temybulldogkeeper1 Says:


  10. pinger56 Says:

    magic is nothing …
    magic is nothing but timing is everything…

  11. teknought Says:

    If he and Edward …
    If he and Edward Norton would participate in a Edward Norton look-alike contest, Ed would come in second!

  12. preytec Says:

    i love, good vlog
    i love, good vlog

  13. teeelo Says:

    I admit I enjoyed …
    I admit I enjoyed this guys presentation…but lets face it coffee and shaver and 90% of the apps out there are used once and then pointless. You only keep it to use the same joke over and over and over again for different people. Make friends? or drive them away?

  14. bociwi Says:


  15. mycarhaniceass Says:

    Did you really make …
    Did you really make the money come out the phone?

  16. liorlevymusic Says:

    exelent :)
    exelent :)

  17. jezzmike Says:

    is so cool
    is so cool

  18. dhanuka8000 Says:

    so magic is true is …
    so magic is true is it ?

  19. buhaybaboy Says:

    OMG Edward Norton!
    OMG Edward Norton!

  20. Daneesz2 Says:

    oooooh this Iphone …
    oooooh this Iphone is very very good!!

  21. 02213neher0 Says:

    what kind of iphone …
    what kind of iphone is that?

  22. notpossibleto Says:

    realy nice
    realy nice

  23. Hassanraha Says:

    This is a software …
    This is a software which use as a magic but it is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice : D

  24. taloolo1 Says:

    wow its so cool
    wow its so cool

  25. MrSteff98 Says:


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