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iFixit: iPod touch 3rd Generation Disassembly

We took apart the iPod touch 3rd Gen and found a space for a camera and 802.11n! Visit http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPod-touch-3rd-Generation/1158/1 to view the disassembly in greater detail!

Duration : 0:1:45

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25 Responses

  1. ballzinyourjawz Says:

    damn how does apple …
    how does apple make something like this

  2. MiniWemo Says:

    opening an itouch …
    opening an itouch is probaly harder than juggling its tiny

  3. Djvaiton Says:


  4. hussainmushahid Says:

    they don/t want any …
    they don/t want any impact on their iphone sales,if they would have added a camera,people would have prefered buying a ipod touch+a cheaper mobile.

  5. marlov97 Says:


  6. goesslingisaac Says:

    @blixx87 uhm yes …
    @blixx87 uhm yes the y are!, they have been out since late last year

  7. Milkshakman Says:

    Since the iPod …
    Since the iPod Touch Prototype video leaked and it had a camera in the back center, I think the reason apple didn’t release it with a camera is because of the fact they wanted to display to the public how secure they are as a company.

  8. ChocPuddingDragon Says:

    plus the gb sign …
    plus the gb sign where it tells you how many gbs is smaller omg :P

  9. MarcM457 Says:

    To whoever says 3rd …
    To whoever says 3rd Gen ipod touch’s arent out. The only difference is the writing on the back. 2nd gen had like 5 lines, 3rg gen has only 2. I think thats the only way you can tell the difference. Hope this helps! :)

  10. mega160 Says:

    @djlobb dude …
    @djlobb dude remeber they disabled blutoothe on the 2 gen ipod touch until the 3.0 update

  11. mega160 Says:

    @blixx87 dumbass …
    @blixx87 dumbass the 3rd gen ipod touch came out september 2009, fail

  12. blixx87 Says:

    There not even out …
    There not even out yet. Fail.

  13. mikeyg6754 Says:

    they purposley …
    they purposley disable thing so you eventually have to pay to enable them in an update… just like thhey did with the 2nd gen and bluetooth… you had to spend ten bucks on the 3.0 software update that enabled it!

  14. somershomste Says:

    I just got a free …
    I just got a free iPad at 10 i p a d (dot) c o m

    Just enter in your zip code

  15. GLopezWebkinzVmkLove Says:

    Suggestion- Buy one?
    Suggestion- Buy one?

  16. chilidog1001 Says:

    first off i dont …
    first off i dont have an opening tool

  17. pumaile Says:


  18. tehzeebs82 Says:


  19. terminator363 Says:

    Also I dout apple …
    Also I dout apple would put a camera in the ipod touch in the first place, because they want want us to buy the iPhone

  20. terminator363 Says:

    Really hard to tell …
    Really hard to tell whats going on the pictures go to fast

  21. 22prince22billups1 Says:

    puta go eat mirda
    puta go eat mirda

  22. djlobb Says:

    sick video! but …
    sick video! but afew things, The Arm cortex processor is actually made by Samsung.
    Also I think the iPod touch is obviously largely based off the iPhone, and the broadcom chip is used for the iPod touches Bluetooth and Wifi, if it was 802n wouldn’t Apple enable it? or are they purposely pointlessly disabling functions that they spent money on making. ??

  23. ModelbuildingTANKS Says:

    @mjjd12 Yeah, mom …
    @mjjd12 Yeah, mom is Spanish man. I have to speak both languages. This guy should travel more and learn to respect people!

  24. FlamingHomelessDude Says:

    i want sure do want …
    i want sure do want a camera on the touch that would freakin awesome

  25. mjjd12 Says:

    hahaha yea that, …
    hahaha yea that, are u spanish, sorry , im spanish, i just write fast, you still understood what i meant, so is all good xD hahah

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