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iPOD TOuch?

ok so i want an iPOD touch for my birthday, and i was wondering if you use the internet on it, can you like go onto anywebsite, liek yahoo, and watch the videos on yahoo. also can you use websites liek Meebo for aim, and msn messenger? and can you play games on it liek on addictinggames.com?

You need an wi-fi connection to do all that. But yeah, it works on the Touch.

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  1. ஐShantelஐ Says:

    You need an wi-fi connection to do all that. But yeah, it works on the Touch.
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  2. cbk95 Says:

    Yes you can go to any website as long as it doesn’t have flash.

    Yes you can go to Meebo and other sites like that.

    No you can’t. The iPod touch (and iPhone) don’t have flash. You can play web apps from apple.com

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  3. niiro13 Says:

    The iPhone and iPod Touch are hte only devices short of a mobile computer that can actually access full content on a website.

    Unfortunately, the processor equates to about 600 Mhz. Therefore, while you can use meebo and stuff (they have a mobile version of their site that redirects when you go on it with your iPod Touch), you cannot use Flash, Shockwave, or Java.

    Adobe is currently trying to make a Flash player that’s better than their Flash Lite (for mobile phones), since the iPhone and iPod Touch are capable of higher quality, but not as CPU consuming as the real Flash player used for computers (hence, if you had a 600 Mhz computer, Flash player would barely run on it).

    This is true with Sun Microsystems’ Java.
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  4. andyroo516 Says:

    there is another way to play games on your ipod though along with getting many other applications. you can jailbreak it. although it does void the warranty. you can no longer take it back to the store, but you can restore it and they wont be able to notice. you have to be good with computers though. i think its awsome. you can get game boy games and super nintendo games on it along with customizing it too. search for ipod touch jailbreak on youtube to give you the best instructions.

    good luck
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  5. azstryd Says:

    You can go on ANY website that does not require flash (you wouldnt be able to play most games). Meebo works great for AIM. I dont think you can watch the videos on Yahoo however your Ipod will come with Youtube on its mainscreen. You cant access youtube through http://www.youtube.com though beause that requires flash.
    You can jailbreak it and download games and chat services, etc
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