Mar 21

what all features does the iPod touch have?

im thinking about getting one…is it worth it?
does it cost to get on the internet…and if so how much?

Ok if your not worried about money i recomend it.
Well if u just want to listen to music get a nano or classic
Here are the Features
Radio [online ones. Flytunes]
Texting [Beejive] ITS FREE =D
Not to mention if u jailbreak it [hacking to get more out of ipod]
You can get more apps games all of that but its hacking and u void the return thing xD but its worth it
Over all its like a IPhone without Camera Phone and monthly payments You should get it ^_^

Mar 21

I just got an iphone 3g and I got so excited that i filled it with loads of applications and songs (about $30 worth). The other day when i plugged my iphone into the computer on itunes it said to reset the iphone to factory settings. I dont want to loose all my apps so what can i do? PLEASE REPLY A.S.A.P.

hey there

ok so heres what you do when you got to itunes and unplug ur iphone all the apps should be saved into the applications tab in itunes, so dont worry, just restore it to factory setting thn sync it with your computer and all your apps will come back . if you hae an questions or concerns, message me at

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Mar 20

Google’s “superphone” challenges the king of the Prizefight ring for smartphone supremacy. Will the Nexus One have what it takes to dethrone the iPhone 3GS? Let’s get it on!

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Mar 20

Its most revolutionary feature is its big fat stupidness. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on

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Mar 20

Made on my MacBook – September 2007.

Music – CSS – Music is My Hot Hot Sex.

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Mar 20

Tom uses his new iPhone3G to stay organized. Watch what happens when he tries to blend his old iPhone.

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Mar 19

I’m thinking of buying the apple iphone, but i’m just wondering how much it is going to cost?

According to the website, the iphone starts at around $99. Here is the link to it’s purchase page:

On Ebay, the apple iphones start at $71 dollars. (

I checked out Bestbuy and Future Shop. Their prices match the’s price of $99. Keep searching around websites or local cellphone dealers. Good luck, that’s one sweet phone!

Mar 19

Just wondering if the jailing breaking software that is already out (blackrain) will work for the new iPad or if someone will make one?

It’s unlikely to be out immediately after launch. The hackers need to get their hands on them first. But I look forward to the day when an iPad buzzes along gleefully sporting Linux or even Windows.

Mar 19

hey guys im thinking about buying the iPOD touch.
Can u guys give me some personal reviews on it?
ill give u best answer

Of course! The iPod touch is by far the most entertaining and functional iPod Apple has ever made. If you have a Wifi network in your home, you can check your email, browse the internet (with a great internet browser called Safari,) buy songs and download podcasts from iTunes (right from your iPod touch,) and download free or paid apps from the App Store. It is really amazing. Movies and TV shows look amazing on the 3.5" screen as well as photos. Everything about it is just amazing and I think of it as a watered-down computer rather than an iPod! I would suggest you buy the iPod touch rather then any other iPod because it just never gets boring or old with it. I love it so much and I hope you buy it so you can experience the amazing technology too! If you have any other questions, please message me!

Mar 19

I just bought an iphone but I had created an account for a different ipod.(an ipod, not iphone) It won’t let me put any music or anything on this new iphone because all of it is linked to the other ipod. What can i do to totally get rid of anything having to do with the old ipod and make it so that my iphone is the only thing itunes connects with?

usually iTunes accept multiple connections for ipods and iphones with no problem, I have 2 ipods, iphone 2G and iphone 3G all sync with the same pc using the same itunes with no problem,
and on one account as well, download the new itune may be this will solve your issue.
don’t delete your account you can still use it

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