Mar 20

Tom uses his new iPhone3G to stay organized. Watch what happens when he tries to blend his old iPhone.

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Mar 14

Please Subscribe. (READ) We will be using a free app from the iTunes App Store called Fring. This allows us to make VOIP phone calls.

Version 2 is now up! Quicker, Easier, and Simpler.×8jqX-U0_0

Here is how to do it:
1) Download Fring from the iTunes App Store.
2) Sync it to your device.
3) Go to, then click on the download tab. Then click “Download voip stunt.”
4) Wait for it to download and then click on the setup voipstunt desktop icon.
5) Download the program
6) Click on the new Voip Stunt desktop icon, click new user, and fill out all of the required information.
7) Go to the fring app on your device.
8) Click add ons
9) Click SIP from the list
10) Now click on the Voip Stunt button
11) Enter the log on info in. (You use the same info you used when you installed Voip Stunt on your computer
12) Log in (If successful, you should have a check mark near the SIP icon.)
13)Hit dialer
14) Now enter a phone number. Be sure if you live in the US, you include 1 and then the area code before the actual #.

**This only works if you have a iPhone or 2G iPod Touch**

Also, I would recommend buying Skype Out. It allows you to use the Skype VoIP service for either 2.95/month or you can get $10 credits. (Which should be around 500 min.) The Voip Stunt is one of the several Voip providers you can use. You can make more accounts when the app starts failing.

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Feb 15

Everybody knows that the iPhone can make phone calls, play movies & music, surf the web, and a lot more. But, Will It Blend? That is the question.

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