Mar 2

Hitler has been dreaming about the day that Apple’s tablet will be announced. That day has come and he is not pleased.

Edit: Thanks for the support everyone! I never thought that my video would get this popular but I’m certainly glad it has. Keep spreading it and let everyone know about how fail the iPad really is!

Edit 2: Over 50,000 views! You guys are amazing! And to the people saying there’s a Bloons app, I figured there was but I don’t own an iPod, iPhone or iTunes so I wouldn’t know =P But it’s good to know.

Edit 3: I see people are complaining about the fading subtitles. Sorry about that! From a stylistic standpoint I thought it looked better but I can see how it’d be hard to read a few of the lines.

Edit 4: Over 1 million views! Thanks Youtube community! Also, thanks to all of you with your words of encouragement, I’m glad I could make you laugh. And those of you complaining about the video, well, you’re entitled to your own opinions.

Also, please don’t send me messages asking me to add annotations to my video. I won’t do it for money and I certainly won’t do it for free. Michaelangelo wouldn’t have painted a can of Pepsi being held in God’s hand as He reaches out towards Adam and I most certainly won’t add any annotations. I like my videos clean and clutter free.

Oh, and for those of you wondering where this clip is from. It’s from the movie Downfall (German: Der Untergang).

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Feb 24

Look at this ausome parody of the so wellknown iPod.

Update (2010): Unbelievable, this video became reality!

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Feb 21

The new Apple IPad

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